Business Strategy

The mission of Imhotex is to advance to clinical proof of concept as quickly as possible, by leveraging its competencies in early stage development of biopharmaceuticals.

The company’s aim is to see this potentially ground-breaking medicine approved and brought to the market without unnecessary delay.

Imhotex will therefore transact with a global pharmaceutical partner for late-stage clinical development and commercialization.

To best achieve these objectives, Imhotex is configured as a virtual, asset-centric biotech company. 

What is a virtual company?

A virtual biotech company maintains minimal infrastructure by using partnerships with expert service providers to advance the development of its assets. With proper leadership and management, out-sourcing drug development to the most appropriate experts can speed up progress, improve outcomes and reduce costs. Imhotex benefits from the expertise of the out-sourced drug development firms it works with, including RxCelerate and EVOTEC. 

What is an asset-centric company?

The term asset-centric is used to refer to biotech companies developing a single asset. This ensures the entire focus of the management team and all the available resources are directed towards the successful development of that asset.


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